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our efforts were not in vain in Chinese
What is the meaning of our efforts were not in vain in Chinese and how to say our efforts were not in vain in Chinese? our efforts were not in vain Chinese meaning, our efforts were not in vain的中文,our efforts were not in vain的中文,our efforts were not in vain的中文,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by
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【in vain】 的讀 回 音是 :英 [in vein];美 [ɪn ven] 。 【in vain】的雙語例 句如 下: 答 1.It became obvious that all her complaints were in vain. 很明顯她所有的抱怨都是白費口舌。2.Parents campaigned in vain for her reinstatement. 父母們呼吁給她復職,但結果卻
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INK IN VEIN Not in vain sketches on Behance

Not In Vain-Alex Clare-KKBOX

Alex Clare的歌曲「Not In Vain」在這裡,快打開 KKBOX 盡情收聽。 這首歌曲暫無歌詞,歡迎您投稿認養! 立即查看秘笈
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in+vain 的中文翻譯
可輸入英文單字,中文字詞,臺灣地址,計算式 按[Enter]重新輸入 沒有發現關於 [in+vain] 的資料 相似字 (pydict): ” in vain ” invasin 相似字 (xdict): ” in vain ” invasin
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Not in Vain
“Not in Vain” (不枉, Bù Wǎng) is a general character song from the soundtrack of The Untamed. It was performed by Wang Ju. The paragraphs of the group song each references a different character’s story. Based on the official MV: First paragraph – the bond between the Yunmeng siblings, and Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli’s relationship. Second paragraph – the sworn brotherhood between Lan Xichen
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In vain 釋義
Yet you would search in vain for a person who more sharply belied the image of idle arrogance this conveys. Times, Sunday Times ( 2012 ) Where we are is where we are, but the deaths are not in vain.
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Not In Vain by Gerald Green
Not In Vain book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Several students are shot by police in a campus demonstration at a small US college, and three are killed. Six policemen were put on trial for the shootings, and were acquitted.
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Alex Clare
“Not In Vain”These hearts pushed around too longBeen the reason for a thousand songsOh, no why does this ache carry onYoung bones feeling way too tired,Been
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Not In Vain Book Series
Not In Vain Book Series. 1,251 likes · 300 talking about this. Independent author and publisher dedicated to telling the real-life stories from every corner of addiction creating awareness,
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What does “Will not go in vain” mean?
To do something ‘in vain’ means that there is little chance of success but you are doing it anyway. An example: His efforts to clean up the water went in vain as the rain kept pouring in. To say that something ‘will not go in vain’ is to vow to
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“Not in Vain” – Belmont United Methodist Church

14/9/2015 · “Not in Vain” by Rachel Coleman Deer in the headlights—that was probably my look many years ago the first time I was translating in front of a large audience. A seminary leader from Ecuador was giving a testimony to a full house of One Mission Society friends
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Not In Vain – song by Alex Clare
Listen to Not In Vain on Spotify. Alex Clare · Song · 2014.
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