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中文 bollard n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. UK (post used to block traffic) 放置在街道馬路上阻止汽車進入某段路) 安全柱 ān quán zhù Bollards at both ends of the street make it inaccessible to vehicles. bollard n noun: Refers to person
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8/9/2020 · bollard (plural bollards) ( nautical ) A strong vertical post of timber or iron , fixed to the ground and/or on the deck of a ship, to which the ship’s mooring lines etc are secured. 1959 , Mervyn Peake , …
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中文書 簡體書 外文書 雜誌 MOOK 找優惠 作者:bollard bollard 搜尋結果 (共 10 筆) 最低價 最新書籍 最低價 最高價 最相關 進階篩選 Scholastic Pocket Thesaurus 出版日期:2005-07-01 作者:Bollard,John 出版社:Scholastic Reference $ 280
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10/10/2016 · BOLLARD COFFEE(玉野市): 讀讀16則則關於BOLLARD COFFEE客觀公正的美食評論,在Tripadvisor的5分滿分評等中得4.5分,在玉野市的211家餐廳中排第3名。
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T4 BOLLARD (Platek)
中文 (香港) 日本語 BIMobject® 是一家在納斯達克OMX證券交易所上市的公司(交易代碼BIM),獲得Global Red Herring 100獎項,受到投資者的認可。
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History of bollards bollard definition—bol·lard /’b ɑ l ə rd/ 1. a short post placed to deflect traffic from an area 2. (nautical) a short, thick post on a ship or dock, used to secure a ship’s mooring lines The term “bollard” first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in
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Concrete Plinth For Traffic Bollard

 · PDF 檔案Title Concrete Plinth For Traffic Bollard Author Highways Department Created Date 20050601042342Z
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Fixed Bollard
Also known as static bollards. HEDGE Access Control dedicated to design & produce durable stainless steel bollards, with high-quality 304 stainless steel sleeve and 3M DG3 reflective tape. Design for Anti-CRASH. 304 Stainless steel – brushed 3m original DG3
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Bollard Pull Test
DISCLAIMER: 1:06 the values of the graph are in disagreement with the displayed unit, it should be kg and not metric tonnes.Bollard Pull Test performed in Fe
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The Bollard is an Obstacle in that reflects bullets and is found near areas in proximity to water such as the Docks. They were first added to the game during the “Log and load” update. More were also added in the “Bridges of Sweatbath County” update as part of River Docks. Although they are indestructible and reflect bullets, due to the size of the bollards it is advised to seek
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